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The Mortgage Broker Best Interests Duty and CPR

  • From January 1, 2021, the National Consumer Credit Protection Act requires mortgage brokers to act in the best interests of consumers when providing credit assistance and to prioritise the interests of the consumer w...

This contributes 4 hours towards CPD.

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Initial Compliance Pack 2021

  • The Initial Compliance Pack (ICP) is designed to assist mortgage and finance brokers in their understanding and compliance with relevant legislation that governs corporate, broker and lending activities.  The Initi...

This contributes 7 hours towards CPD .

AUD$200.00 (excl. GST)
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Commercial and Equipment Finance 2021

  • Commercial and Equipment Finance 2021  Are you looking to upskill or fine-tune your skills in commercial and equipment finance? This course will help you understand and apply skills and knowledge to: business...

This contributes 7.5 hours towards CPD.

AUD$26.36 (excl. GST)

Social media fundamentals for brokers

  • In order to complete this course brokers must already:possess proficiency in basic technology and computer skills;have a business website;have a Facebook page; andhave a LinkedIn profile.Increasing your social media skil...

This contributes 3 hours towards CPD.

AUD$27.18 (excl. GST)

The score with credit scoring and benchmarking

  • Serviceability assessments have dominated consumer credit practice in recent years. After revising how credit scoring and benchmarks work, this course covers the role they play in the lending application process and o...

This contributes 4 hours towards CPD.

AUD$40.91 (excl. GST)

Recent ASIC cases in credit

  • ASIC's vision is for a fair, strong and efficient financial system for all Australians.  This course investigates ASIC's overall role in regulating the credit industry and examines real world cases to expose how it uses...

This contributes 4 hours towards CPD.

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Product spotlight - Unsecured personal loans

  • As we close the first decade of national regulation of consumer credit in Australia and look forward to the next one, why not celebrate how far the sector has come?Consumers from across the income spectrum and for variou...

This contributes 4 hours towards CPD.

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Funding property settlements including bridging

  • Purchasing a home or moving house is one of the biggest decisions a client will make in their lifetime, and one not taken quickly or lightly. From who’s involved, to contracts and completing the sale, to what hap...

This contributes 2 hours towards CPD.

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